BYby Michael Cavna
September 13, 2017
(Adam Zyglis/Buffalo News/
A BROWSE through the current book aisles, both physical and virtual, winds through the best-selling new political memoirs by Al Franken and Katy Tur, hard past “Shattered” and “Devil’s Bargain,” till arriving at today’s top-selling release for political biography: “What Happened.”

“Raw and bracing.” “Candid and blackly funny.” Many of the early reviews for Hillary Clinton’s new campaign memoir lean toward the positive. Yet how are political cartoonists responding to its release Tuesday?

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Here’s a sampling from America’s visual satirists:

ADAM ZYGLIS (Buffalo News):
(Adam Zyglis/Buffalo News/ DARRIN BELL (WPWG): (Darrin Bell/Washington Post Writers Group) R.J. MATSON (Roll Call): (R.J. Matson/Roll Call/ Read more:Here is the secret to effectively skewering Hillary ClintonDonald Trump v. Hillary Clinton: A tale of high unfavorability, as told through cartoons