Lance Armstrong goes after USC for claim it never lost to Texas
BYBrett Bodner
Updated: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 10:11 AM
Lance Armstrong had all seven of his Tour de France wins voided after it was discovered he was doping.

Lance Armstrong not only doesn't like to see people forget about wins that were vacated, but now he's chiming in about losses not being acknowledged.

USC is claiming they are 4-0 against Texas all time, with one loss being vacated when the NCAA voided the Trojans 2005 season. Texas won the National Championship that year with a win over USC and now even the disgraced Armstrong is calling foul on the undefeated claim.  

Armstrong, who himself was stripped of his seven titles in cycling's biggest event, fired off a tweet blasting USC for the claim because everyone remembers them losing that championship game.

"Negative @USC, we were there. You lost the game fair and square. Btw, @ReggieBush is a f------ legend that you shit all over," Armstrong tweeted.

There's no surprise Armstrong, who is a Texas fan, is a little bitter towards vacated wins not being acknowledged.

Armstrong was one of the most decorated cyclists after his dominance in the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005, which included seven straight wins. In 2012, he was banned from sanctioned Olympic sports for life for long-term doping offenses.

All seven of Armstrong's wins were voided, including all results going back to August 1998.

Texas knocked off USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl with a 41-38 win, which USC does not have in their official records.

(Harry How/Getty Images)

USC's game notes created the stir this week when they listed the Trojans as undefeated all-time against the Longhorns, according to ESPN. The Rose Bowl loss was nullified due to NCAA penalties in 2010 after the NCAA found "agent and amateurism violations."

This meant the football program had to vacate regular season and postseason wins. However, there weren't any postseason wins to remove since they lost the Rose Bowl to Texas.

USC Sports information director Tim Tessalone told ESPN the NCAA told them not to include their participation in any games from that season in their official records, including the Rose Bowl.

"I have documentation in a letter sent in July 2010 to Wright noting all the changes he instructed us to make, including that losses had to be vacated," Tessalone said. "The letter also states that he had reviewed all our revisions and approved them."

Texas and USC are set to face each other Saturday for the first time since the epic 2006 Rose Bowl. The Longhorns scored 18 points in the fourth quarter of that game and quarterback Vince Young led the team down the field in the final minutes to seal a 41-38 win in a matchup of undefeated teams.

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